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In silico docking studies of Lupeol with MAPK pathway proteins-Raf-1, MEK & ERK
Mital H. Bhatt, Chirag K. Prajapati and M.N. Reddy

Lupeol, A triterpenoid found in variety of plants is reported to have beneficial medicinal effects on several ailments. Lupeol is also found to show inhibitory effect on proliferation of breast cancer cells. Metastasis is considered to be a major cause for worldwide deaths related to cancer. Ras-related MAPK Signaling Pathway is one of the crucial pathways leading to metastasis. Lupeols binding possibility with Ras is already reported. In present study, Interaction between with downstream proteins of Ras- MAPK pathway, Raf ,MEK ,ERK1/2 and their corresponding domains are studied using STRING Database and their structures are retrieved in PDB Format. Lupeols binding affinity with downstream proteins of these signaling proteins at their interacting domains are analyzed. Here in silico docking approach to identify binding sites of each of these proteins with Lupeol is used. FDA approved standard drug molecule CH5126766 was used as reference ligand. Lupeol shows potent binding at significant sites with extremely high affinity. Since it binds with all the proteins involved in the pathway with high efficiency it is an important compound which can be developed as a therapeutic molecule.

Keywords: Lupeol, MAPK, Raf-1, MEK, ERK Metastasis, Docking

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