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Quality of life of cancer patients
Solanki Jitender, Rajive Mahajan, Vikram Rathore and Rahul Choudhary

Cancer is a one of the major public health problem both in developed and developing countries around the globe. Quality-of-life (QOL) of a cancer patient before and after the treatment is an important issue especially for the cancer survivors, their families, and the care providers. In cancer prospective, Quality-of-life can been defined as a sense of well-being, it is a multidimensional perspective that includes dimensions such as physical, psychological, social, and spiritual, changes in one QOL dimension can influence perceptions in other dimensions also. Cancer patients should demand information related to adverse effects of chemotherapy and actions to be taken to reduce them, also there should be provision of providing sufficient information prior to beginning of the treatment procedure irrespective to type of treatment, so that patient is aware of all the treatment modalities and their side effects and self-care strategies so as to reduce treatment-related concerns.

Keywords: quality of life, cancer, supportive care, palliative therapy, radiotherapy

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