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Hemangioma-like telangiectatic granuloma: A diagnostic pitfall
Zoya Chowdahry, Shalabh Mehrotra, Neeti Swarup, Falak Chowdhary and Aamir Chowdhary

A telangiectatic granuloma is a localized reactive lesion associated with prolonged irritation to the soft tissues. It may be misdiagnosed as a vascular malformation, hemangiomas, angiosarcomas, etc; as clinical presentation of the lesions resembles each other. Here, we present a case of asymptomatic swelling in the maxilla of a 17-year old female patient. The case highlights the importance of clinicopathologic correlation for the correct diagnosis and management of the case.

Keywords: hemangioma; pyogenic granuloma; telangiectatic granuloma

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