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Two cases of acute urinary retention caused by large cervical leiomyoma with review of literature
Hatice Kansu-Celik, Ozlem Evliyaoglu, Burcu Kısa Karakaya, Nurten Tarlan, Sule Ozel and Yaprak Engin-Ustun

Large uterine or cervical leiomyomas may cause acute urinary retention due to bladder outlet obstruction. We report two cases with acute urinary retention caused by cervical leiomyoma. Myomectomies were performed due to their desire of fertility and frozen-section examinations were reported as benign leiomyomas in both cases. The urinary symptoms completely resolved in two patients following myomectomies. In patients who are admitted with the complaint of acute urinary retention, cervical leiomyomas should be considered in differential diagnosis

Keywords: Urinary retention, leiomyoma, myomectomy

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