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Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge and practice regarding care of children with leukemia among mothers
Varshini Priya, Anita David and D. Geetha

Since, it is essential to create awareness about chemotherapy among parents, this study assesses the effectiveness of structured teaching programme for mothers on knowledge and practice relating to care of child with leukemia. Pretest was conducted using structured questionnaire on knowledge about care of Leukemia. Teaching was administered to mothers on different aspects of cancer diagnosis and follow up. There was a statistically significant difference in knowledge and practice in post test and a significant correlation of knowledge and practice in post test, but not during pre test. Considering different aspects of care, mothers had only around 50 % knowledge which was close to 100 % post test. The study revealed that there was a significant association between knowledge with age of the child and number of the children, and in practice, association was found in gender of the child and the educational status of the mother. The current study results proved that willingness of parents to receive educational intervention on care of children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia would definitely result in improvement of the quality of life of childhood survivors.

Keywords: Cancer, Leukemia; Diagnosis; Chemotherapy; effectiveness; Structured teaching programme; knowledge; practice

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