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Cervical carcinosarcoma presented in advanced stage after high-grade cervical displasia
Volkan Karataşli, Selçuk Erkilinç, Behzat Can, İlker Çakir, Orhan Temel, Mehmet G.K.Ü and Muzaffer Sanci

Cervical carcinosarcomas (Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumour [MMMT]) are very rare neoplasms. Fewer than 100 cases were documented until recently. Because of the rarity, etiologic factors, prognosis and treatment modalities are unclear. A 53 year-old woman presented with postmenauposal vaginal bleeding and abnormal cervical cytology. Cervical biopsy followed by loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) and cold knife conisation (CKC) was documented as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia III (CIN III). Without followup, two years later, the patient was referred with a cervical 6,5 cm mass invading vagina, parametriums and rectum. Biopsy was reported as cervical carcinosarcoma with squmous carcinoma and homologous sarcoma component. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy provided partial response. Subsequently external beam whole pelvis radiotherapy with chemotherapy and brachytherapy was applied. In despite of the treatment, the patient developed sistemic recurrence and died of disease within 10 months. In previous reports most of the patients were in early stage and had better prognosis than uterine carcinosarcomas. Here in we present a case who had a history of high-grade cervical displasia and presented at advanced stage, managed with neoadjuvant chemotherapy and definitive chemoradiotherapy.

Keywords: cervical cancer, carcinosarcoma, advanced stage

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