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Comparative histological evaluation of L-PRF with T-PRF: A scanning electron microscopic study
Hirak S Bhattacharya, Shiva Shankar Gummaluri, Madhusudan Astekar, Gaurav Sapra and Shiva Manjunath R G

Background: Platelet concentrates usage has become a mile stone in the field of periodontal regeneration. With the advancement of research, several generations of these concentrates were evolved which helped in regeneration of lost periodontal tissues. Surgical reentry cannot be possible in humans to demonstrate the amount of regeneration.

Aim: Comparative histological evaluation of L-PRF and T-PRF through light microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope.

Material and Methods: Ten healthy volunteers were included and 20 ml of blood was drawn from ante cubital vein and subjected to centrifugation according to Chourkroun’s and Tunali’s protocols and subjected to light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Statistical analysis: For mean comparison of cellularity independent t test was performed. For comparison between L-PRF and T-PRF Chi-square test was performed.

Results: T-PRF was significantly thicker in the mid membrane region when compared to other region and had better cellular entrapment when compared to L-PRF.

Conclusion: Due to some of the concerns regarding the silica contamination that might be hazardous to the patient and on the other hand very good biocompatibility of titanium led to the introduction of Titanium PRF.

Keywords: Fibrin tissue adhesive, histological techniques, periodontitis, platelet-rich fibrin

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