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Analysis of human serum from women affected by cervical lesions
Ana P. Barba de la Rosa, Ofelia Y. Lugo-Melchor, Erika P. Briones-Cerecero, Alicia Chagolla-López, Antonio De León-Rodríguez, Leticia Santos, Guelaguetza Vázquez-Ortíz and Mauricio Salcedo

Cervical cancer is one of the first causes of death in Mexican women population. The plasma proteome has a wide dynamic range concentrations of different protein and their alterations reflect the physiological state of the individual’s health. The aim of this study was to characterize the 2D-PAGE serum patterns from healthy women and with different levels of cervical lesions. Changes in haptoglobin, apolipoproteins, and transthyretin, when comparing the serum from healthy women and serum from patients with different levels of cervical lesion were found. The Western blot analysis showed increasing concentrations of metallo-proteinases (MMP`s), proteins with important biological roles in tumor development and metastasis. Protein profiles in conjunction with MS, bioinformatics, and Western blot analysis, allow us to compile information for the acquisition of results to proposed candidates biomarkers of cervical cancer among Mexican women population.

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