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A case control study on the lung cancer risk factors in north of Iran
Laleh Karimzadeh, Fariba Koohdani, Fereydoon Siassi, Mahmoud Mahmoudi, Dariush Moslemi, Mohammad Shokrzadeh and Farid Safari

In this case control study, the risk factors of lung cancer was assessed in the north of Iran. Two groups were matched for gender and age (±5 years). Data were collected from 40 cases and 40 controls attending to hospitals. A public information questionnaire was used for data collection. Incidence odds ratios (OR) and corresponding 95% confidence intervals calculated using logistic regression analyses. Results showed that in adjusted odd ratio positive family history of cancer (OR=0/19, 95% CI: 0/04-0/8) was associated with a reduction, and consumption of baked bread in traditional oven (OR=22/6, 95% CI: 1/9-270), was associated with increase in lung cancer risk. Based on the results, smoking was not correlated with lung cancer. In conclusion, the data offers consumption of traditional oven-baked bread may enhance the risk of lung cancer but positive family history of cancer may reduce it.

Keywords: Lung cancer, Risk factors, Smoking, Ovenbaked Bread, North of Iran

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