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Regional Risk Zonation of Environmental Pollution on Marine and Coastal Zone
Nguyen Thi The Nguyen and Grettel Gretchen

Regional risk zonation of environmental pollution is useful for the protection of marine resources and the development of sea-based economic sectors. However, the number of studies on environmental risk as a complex system of multiple factors and effects caused by regional environmental risks on the marine and coastal areas is still limited. This study presents an approach to carry out the regional risk zonation of environmental pollution on these areas. The comprehensive risk index values are evaluated on the basis of three criteria of a risk index system: the level of pollution, the extent of pollution impact, and the vulnerability of risk receptors. The levels of pollution are ranked according to the risk quotient value in each zonation unit. The extents of pollution impact are determined by the level of pollutant transport to the surrounding area. The vulnerability is calculated by the mean of three indicators, including the likelihood of harm to human health, marine ecosystems, and sea-use activities. The comprehensive risk index values were used to make a quantitative risk zoning map, which provides a basis for the implementation of control measures as a part of the environmental risk prevention and management.

Keywords: Regional risk zonation, environmental pollution, marine and coastal area, comprehensive risk index

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