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Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Cement Treated Hudson River Dredged Sediments for Reuse as Fill Material
Dimitris Derematas, Paul Dutko, Jelena Balorda-Barone, and Deok-Hyun Moon

A comprehensive series of laboratory tests, including compaction, unconfined compressive strength, swell testing and X-ray diffraction analyses were performed to evaluate the potential use of cement treated Hudson River dredged sediments as fill material in construction projects. Cement treated dredged sediments were found to exhibit engineering properties which are within acceptable ranges for use as general fill material but cannot be readily used as select or structural fill owing to their high fines content. Water content, and to a lesser degree material remolding, were found to be the primary factors influencing strength development and their impact should be evaluated on a project-specific basis. Further research should be conducted to evaluate the performance of cement treated dredged sediments in the field, especially under conditions of wetting and drying and freezing and thawing, as well as to investigate the potential uses of other additives such as quicklime and fly ash.

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