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Godunov-Type Wave Diffraction Computations Via Roe’s Approximate Riemann Solver
Z.D. Skoula and C.I. Moutzouris

The present paper discusses the main features of an elaborate upwind finite volume Godunov-type model of the hyperbolic Mild-Slope Equation that is capable of accommodating the presence of currents in the wave field. Wave transformation in the interface of unstructured triangular cells is computed using Roe’s approximate Riemann solver whose efficiency had mostly hitherto been tested in modelling severe discontinuous flows. The spatial accuracy of wave fluxes is of second order, a quality achieved through the enhancement of the polynomial approximation of the conserved variables slope within each cell. Time integration is materialised implicitly while the scheme is characterised of trapezoidal second order accuracy in time marching. Results presented herein demonstrate that the solution technique employed is capable of depicting smoothly and accurately the wave climate in the vicinity of coastal structures.

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