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Adaptive Godunov-Type Wave Computations Over an Elliptical Shoal
Z.D. Skoula and C.I. Moutzouris

The present paper discusses the application of an elaborate adaptive numerical solver of the hyperbolic Mild-Slope Equation in the vicinity of an elliptical shoal. The adaptivity concept is based on the h-refinement technique, where unstructured triangular computational cells are selectively located in the computational domain whose density is based on individual cell properties. In the present context these properties have a physical meaning corresponding to the engineering need for the local mesh density size to be controlled in a simple and straightforward manner. Results presented herein demonstrate that adaptive numerical solvers not only contribute towards the efficiency of an environment-related numerical solver but also they can depict smoothly and accurately the wave climate in the context of the mathematical formulation and solution technique adopted herein.

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