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A Computational Model and An Operational Tool for the Optimal Forced Marina Flushing
G. Pehlivanidis, Th. Karambas, and M. Gousidou

The modest cost of modern low-head pumps makes realistic the forced flushing of a small marina basin (O(W) = 105 m3) by means of fixed or movable pumps. The present study proposes a mathematical model for the study of water circulation and renewal in a marina basin due to the local or distributed inflow of clean water pumped by a low- head pump. The model is synthesized by the equations describing the mass continuity, the horizontal momentum and the turbulent transport and diffusion of a diluted substance, in the marina basin. The model is verified via experimental measurements, and applied for the optimization of flushing of a typical small marina basin by means of a pump. The optimization is not related to the classical parameter of the renewal time but to the dynamic evolution of the pollutant concentration in the 2D marina basin. A readily applicable operational tool is synthesized and useful conclusions are drawn.

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