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A New Method for Measuring Sediment Shear and Erosion
Sergio E. Perez, Evan Kilpatrick, and Matthew Faulks

The authors describe a new type of in-situ platform for measuring critical shear stress and erosion rate constant of underwater sediments. Propsed consists of an electric motor and propeller mounted on an underwater stand. The device was calibrated by relating the amperage required to initiate sediment motion t o the known critical shear stress of sediment samples. By measuring amperage to the motor, the bottom shear stress is known. A plumb rod is used to measure the amount of sediment eroded.

Propsed is best suited for in-situ measurements where an inexpensive and easy to deploy device is required. Propsed offers a greater bottom shear capability than other in-situ devices such as the Ravens flume or the Sea Carousel.

Keywords: sediment erosion, sediment scour, sediment shear, sritical shear stress, srosion rate constant

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