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Double Thin Barriers Under Water Wave Forcing
E.V. Koutandos

In the present study, wave interaction with fixed double partially immersed thin barriers (DTB) is investigated numerically. Numerical results concerning reflection and transmission characteristics obtained with the use of the COBRAS (Cornell breaking Wave and Structures) wave model for regular waves, are compared with experimental results for double partially immersed breakwater (DFB) of orthogonal cross-section, Koutandos et al. (2005). The effects of relative depth d/L (d: water depth, L: wave length), and the relative distance S/L (S: distance between the two barriers) on the hydrodynamic characteristics (wave transmission, reflection, dissipation, velocity, turbulence kinetic energy) are investigated. Detailed computed velocities and turbulence kinetic energy in the vicinity of the two structures indicate the effects of the special breakwater on the flow pattern and the turbulence structure.

Keywords: Double thin barriers, Special breakwater, Wave transmission, Wave reflection

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