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Estimation of Vertical Eddy Diffusivity in a Shallow Floating Mesocosm
Shigeki Harada, Hiroshi Koshikawa and E. Eric Adams

We have analyzed previously collected but unpublished field data from the Seto Inland Sea to better understand mixing in free floating mesocosms, used either to mimic the ambient environment inside the mesocosm, or to provide a fully mixed in-situ reactor. Analyses focus on turbulent mixing, characterized by vertical eddy diffusivity and mixing time, inside the mesocosm, both with and without wave driven mixing devices. Results of the full scale offshore experiments are compared with reduced scale laboratory experiments, and other published literature in hopes of improving our understanding of mesocosm design.

Keywords: Free floating mesocosm, Turbulent mixing, Vertical eddy diffusivity, Field experiments, Wave mixing, Mixing devices

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