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Stereotactic body radiotherapy for an isolated splenic metastasis from ovarian carcinoma
Ryan T. Hughes, Michael H. Soike, Surendra Prajapati, Andrew Q. Lin, James D. Ververs, Adrianna H. Masters, Corbin A. Helis, A. William Blackstock and Michael K. Farris

Splenic metastases from oligometastatic ovarian carcinoma are a rare occurrence. Usual treatment for splenic metastases includes splenectomy, but some patients are either unable or unwilling to undergo surgery. Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) is an effective ablative modality for treating metastatic disease. SBRT to abdominopelvic tumors has been shown to be safe and effective for properly-selected patients and is particularly attractive in the oligometastatic setting as an alternative to radical resection. In this case study, we report a patient with an isolated splenic metastasis from ovarian carcinoma treated with 50 Gy in 10 fractions.

Keywords: spleen metastasis, isolated splenic metastasis, ovarian carcinoma, stereotactic body radiotherapy

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