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Dose–response model for severe late laryngeal toxicity after stereotactic body radiation therapy for previously-irradiated head and neck cancer
Diane C. Ling, John A. Vargo, Rachel J. Grimm, Brian J. Gebhardt, David A. Clump, Robert L. Ferris, James P. Ohr and Dwight E. Heron

We sought to evaluate the association between larynx dose and risk of severe late laryngeal toxicity in patients undergoing re-irradiation SBRT for recurrent HNC. Fifty-five patients with an intact larynx underwent re-irradiation SBRT to a median dose of 44 Gy in 5 fractions. Five (41.7%) patients treated for a laryngeal/hypopharyngeal recurrence experienced late grade ≥3 laryngeal toxicity, compared to 0.0-7.1% for other sites. Logistic dose-response models were created to predict risk of severe late laryngeal toxicity, including dysphagia and airway compromise. According to the model, the risk of severe laryngeal toxicity with a larynx D5cc of 5 Gy is 5.8% (95% CI 2.9-9.9%) and rises to 11.4% with a D5cc of 20 Gy and 25.3% with a D5cc of 40 Gy. In patients with a laryngeal/hypopharyngeal recurrence, SBRT planning should carefully assess the dose to laryngeal structures given these dose findings, and SBRT should be approached with significant caution in such patients.

Keywords: SBRT, re-irradiation, head and neck cancer, dose-response, late toxicity

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