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Abnormal Olfactory Perception During Stereotactic Radiation Therapy Using Cyberknife for Primary Brain Tumor: A Case Study
Parth Verma, Sruthi K Reddy, Prasath Bhaskaran, Annex Edappattu Haridas and Debnarayan Dutta

We report an incident where during Cyberknife treatment one specific beam passing through the olfactory bulb region for irradiation of a primary brain tumor led to production of unusual smell for the time duration of the particular beam. 24-year-old patient of recurrent small volume recurrent high-grade glioma was planned with re-radiation with fractionated radiosurgery (fSRS) using Cyberknife (CK)[M6 by Accuray, VOLO optimization system;]. After contouring the GTVs with margin (PTV), planning was done to treat the lesion. CT simulation was done with Optima580 WRT Simulator by GE. fSRS was planned with VOLO optimization system and was delivered using CK with RT dose of 3000 cGy in 5 fractions with IRIS collimator. Tracking during the treatment was performed using 6D Skull method.

Keywords: CyberKnife, ozone, olfactory bulb, abnormal olfactory sensation, SBRT

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