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Radiation Associated Meningiomas: The Case for Repeat Radiotherapy
Robert I. Smee

Purpose: To evaluate the circumstances relating to Radiation Associated Meningiomas (RAM) and whether repeat radiotherapy can be used.

Materials and Methods: In this Ethics Approved Study, databases of the Long Term Follow-Up Clinic at Sydney Children’s Hospital and the Prince of Wales Cancer Centre were audited for patients who received radiotherapy to the head as a child, and subsequently developed an intracranial meningioma. Features noted were, initial diagnosis, extent of prior treatment, dose, latency to diagnosis, subsequent treatment, and outcome.

Results: There were 18 patients with an equal gender mix of males/females (9), the majority of patients being treated with whole brain radiotherapy for leukaemia prophylaxis. 6 patients had radiotherapy, 4 had follow-up out to 17 years with no further adverse event, and control of the meningioma.

Conclusion: Surgery may still be the treatment of choice, however where appropriate radiotherapy can be considered, with good prospect of benefit to the patient..

Keywords: Paediatric tumours, radiotherapy, radiationassociated meningiomas, SRS/SIMRT, latency period

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