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Radiosurgery technology development and use
Sanford L. Meeks, Jason Pukala, Naren Ramakrishna, Twyla R. Willoughby, and Francis J. Bova

Radiosurgery first became a clinical option in the 1960’s because of the Gamma Knife, and the technology proliferated in the 1980’s due to the availability of linear accelerator radiosurgery. The technology has continued to develop with both Gamma Knife and linac radiosurgery due primarily to advances in computer technology and robotic automation. Many of these advances include planning systems that enhance the conformity of the dose distribution, and delivery systems that can more safely and efficiently delivery these more complex treatment plans. This manuscript details the evolution of technologies in stereotactic localization and delivery for intracranial radiosurgery.

Keywords: Gamma Knife, Sterotactic radiosurgery

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