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Application of Copper Vapour Lasers in the Dimensional Processing Technology
L.L. Betina, A.D. Chursin, A.G. Grigoriantis, M.A. Kazaryan, N.A. Lyabin, E.V. Perevedentseva, V.S. Paramonov and V.M. Zharikov

The stability of a technological and industrial base depends upon the diversity of tools and material processing techniques. The application of a laser with a specific set of characteristics is of great scientific and technical significance; it also provides new opportunities for introducing new processing techniques. The copper vapour laser (CVL) is not a traditional choice of laser for laser dimensional processing, and in laser technology as a whole. Experimental research has shown great promise for the application of the CVL in precision (1.5 ÷ 5 mm) cutting and drilling of refractory materials, i.e. Mo, Ta, W, et. al, as well as metals with good heat conduction, i.e. Al, Cu, Ag, et. al., and the processing of film coatings and surfaces.

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