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Formulation of Laser Pulse Heating: A Closed Form Solution Including Heating and Cooling Cycles with Pulse Parameter Variation
B.S. Yilbas and M. Kalyon

Laser heating of metallic surfaces is an interest for metal industry. Modelling of heating process gives insight into the physical processes taking place during the laser workpiece interaction. In the present study, an analytical approach for laser pulse heating process is considered and a closed form solution for temperature rise inside the substrate material is obtained. The heating and cooling cycles of the heating process are accommodated in the analysis. In order to investigate the influence of pulse length on the resulting temperature profiles, pulse length is varied while the energy content of all pulses employed are kept constant. It is found that the closed form solution agrees well with the numerical predictions. The rate of surface temperature rise in the heating cycle and its decay rate in the cooling cycle are high for short pulses.

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