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Laser Short-Pulse Interaction With Gold: Investigation into Energy Equation
M. Kassas

Short-pulse and high intensity laser heating of metallic surfaces result in non-equilibrium energy transport in the region irradiated by the laser beam. In this case, the electrons behave differently from the lattice due to the high temperature difference. As the heating period exceeds the equilibration time, the lattice and electron temperatures become identical. In this case, the Fourier heating model describes the conduction heating process. In the present study, laser short-pulse heating of gold substrates is considered. The electron kinetic theory is proposed to model the non-equilibrium energy transport process. The predictions of the two equations and the Fourier heating models are compared with those for the electron kinetic theory. It is found that electron kinetic theory and the two equations model predictions of electron and lattice temperatures are identical. However, the Fourier heating model overestimates the temperature rise in the surface region.

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