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Surface Modification of a Ni-P Layer Deposited on an Aluminium Substrate by Nd-YAG Pulsed Laser Irradiation
Y. Yang, J.D. Hu, H.Y. Wang, S.Y. Liu, Y.X. Li, Z.X. Guo and M.N. Vasiliev

A Nd-YAG pulsed laser was used to modify an electroless deposited Ni-P layer on an Al substrate. Various laser processing parameters were used. The modification of the Ni-P layer was accomplished at a relatively low laser power density. The modified Ni-P layer has a smoother surface and a better bond strength to the substrate than the untreated layer. The corrosion resistance of the treated layer is also better than that of the untreated Ni-P layer. The results obtained in this study show the potential of the modification of a Ni-P layer with a Nd-YAG pulsed laser.

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