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Intraresonator Laser Processing of Materials
G.V. Grigoryan, M.A. Kazaryan, N.A. Lyabin, R.G. Mkhitaryan, A.M. Shakhzadeyan, L.A. Poghosyan and A.G. Tamanyan

It is shown, that the introduction of a feedback enables laser systems to be set up with brightness amplifiers suitable for laser processing of objects. In such systems one of reflectors of the resonator is the object to be processed. In the systems investigated the control during processing was achieved using brightness amplification of the image by the same active medium. In view of the large gain factors of the active media used as brightness amplifiers very thorough consideration must be given to all possible parasitic reflections and scatterings on elements of the optical and registration system. A figured processing of a surface with a width of the cut about a micron was carried out in an arrangement in which the surfaces of the feedback mirror and object are optically conjugate.

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