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Study of Polymer Laser Grooving Using a Complete Factorial Experiment
Adelina Han, G. Pillon, A. Nichici, D. Gubencu, D. Grevey and E. Cicala

Although laser processing of polymers is a relatively recent technological procedure, the remarkable results obtained are so encouraging that the research is to be continued so that it can be commercially exploited. This paper presents a study of the polycarbonate (PC) laser grooving process. Analytical modelling of the process is difficult to achieve and provides imprecise information due to the numerous factors which influence laser processing and to the particular problems caused by laser beam–polymer interaction. Therefore, empirical modelling was carried out using a complete factorial experiment. The analysis of the grooves’ cross-sections, corresponding to the experimental points, enabled an overview to be obtained of the shape and dimensions of the grooves, in the investigated multifactorial space.

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