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Precision Processing Based on Copper Vapour Lasers Using Optical System “Oscillator-Amplifier”
Yu. V. Gulyaev, M.A. Kazaryan, N.A. Lyabin, Yu. M. Mokrushin, O.V. Shakin and A.G. Tamanyan

A copper vapour laser (CVL) generating short-wavelengths (0,51 and 0,58 µm), short-pulses (10-50ns) and high frequency low energy pulses (0,1-100mJ) and high energy distribution in the focal point (10 9 -10 14 W/cm 2 ) can be used as an ideal contactless tool for effective precision microprocessing of any metallic or nonmetallic material. First industrial plants based on the CVL and operating with the use of the oscillator-amplifier structure were developed at FSUE “RPC Istok”. They are a mockup model of the automated laser technological plant (ALTP) “Karavella” (1986) and a prototype of the ALTP “Karavella-1” (2003). Here their functional and structural features are considered, principal parameters and the results of experimental studies on the precision microprocessing are presented. Industrial ALTP “Karavella-1” is a very effective and productive precision plant of a new generation with an average radiation power of 15-20 W with the diffraction quality beam and pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of 13-14kHz for 0.05-1mm thick materials and electronic products processing. This multifunctional plant uses all principal capabilities of the CVL.

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