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Some Results on Microprocessing with Copper Vapour Lasers
G.A. Azizbekian, G.V. Grigoryan, M.A. Kazaryan, N.A. Lyabin, L.A. Pogosyan and A.G. Tamanyan

Laser processing of materials is a very important field of laser applications. Copper vapour laser (CVL) systems are widely used in micro-mechanical engineering, where optical systems must provide a high image quality (practically defined by the diffraction limit). They enable energy to be to concentrated onto a small area and to produce very small holes and very fine cuts. CVLs operate in the visible spectrum range (510,6 nm) and when equipped with a nanosecond generation mode (10-50 ns) are capable of treating many materials, including the majority of metals. In this paper the possibility of using the “generator – amplifier” laser system to manufacture products with or without mechanical movement of the workpiece is investigated.

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