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Novel Laser Processing Applications for Microelectronics
Marko Pudas, Arvi Kruusing, Jussi Saavalainen, Juho Mahonen and Jouko Vahakangas

Laser processing has been applied in electronics for over 20 years. Usually each process requires specific laser equipment and specific parameters. As a laser is a costly investment, especially for research and prototype production, the adaptation of equipment for multiple purpose use is attractive. In this paper, the beam and processing parameters of a 3w Nd:YVO4 (355 nm) pulsed laser have been optimised for a number of different processes such as PCB (Printed Circuitry Board) patterning and via-drilling, Cu and ink removal, screen patterning, resistor trimming, removal of film emulsion, gravure cleaning, and the cutting of LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) green sheets, polymers, glass, alumina, metal, silicon and silicone polymer. Some of these manufacturing steps are also industrially viable production methods, because they have sufficient patterning speed.

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