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Precison Laser Cutting of Thin-wall Objects
G.V. Azizbekian, G.V. Grigoryan, M.A. Kazaryan, N.A. Lyabin, A.A. Melkonyan, Yu. M. Mokrushin, G.D. Movsisyan, R. Nalbandyan, V.S. Paramonov, L.A. Poghosyan, and O.V. Shakin

Precision cutting of stainless steel and copper foils with a thickness from 12.5µm to 250µm has been demonstrated. During precision cutting of intricate forms in thin foils the object is not moved, which significantly increases the accuracy of laser treatment and cutting. In self conjugated scheme of laser projective microscopy with a feedback the width of the cut varied from 3µm to 10µm depending on the cutting speed, depth and characteristics of the laser radiation. Micro-details in form of literal information carriers and moving parts of micro-mechanical tools are produced.

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