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Laser (Nd:YAG) Cladding of AZ91D Magnesium Alloys with Al+Ti+C Nanopowders
Y. Yang J.D. Hu, H.Y. Wang, S.Y. Liu, X. Li, Z.X. Guo

Laser surface cladding of an AZ91D magnesium alloy by Al+Ti+C nanopowders (in a weight ratio Ti:C = 1:1and Al content from 20% to 40%) was investigated using a 1KW Nd:YAG pulsed laser. The optimum Al content in the powders and the suitable range of laser processing parameters were identified. The resultant microstructure in the modified surface layer was characterised and the wear resistance evaluated. The results show that the wear resistance of the laser treated specimens was much superior to those of untreated specimens.

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