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Klein-Gordon Thermal Equation for Microtubules Excited by Ultra-Short Laser Pulses
Janina Marciak-Kozlowska, Miroslwa Kozlowski and Magdalena Pelc

Heat signaling in microtubules (MT) is investigated in this paper. It is argued that to describe the heat signaling phenomena in MT, the hyperbolic heat transport (HHT) equation should be used. It is shown that HHT is the Klein-Gordon (K-G) equation. The general solution for the K-G equation for MT is derived. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle is discussed and derived for undistorted signal propagation in MT. The de-coherence-relaxation time in microtubules is calculated and a value of the order of microseconds obtained, in fairly good agreement with experimental data.

Keywords: microtubules; heat signaling; Klein-Gordon equation; Heisenberg principle, de-coherence time

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