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Wear Behaviour of Various Ni-based Laser Clad Materials
Santosh Kumar and G.L. Goswami

Nickel based clad materials are being developed to replace stellite-6 clad material in some reactor components, as stellite alloys are not desired in radioactive environments. The clad materials used should exhibit comparable, if not better wear characteristics, than that in current use, i.e. stellite-6. Nickel based clads Ni-15Cr-32Mo, (Ni-20Cr)-40Cr3C2 and (Ni- 20Cr)-40WC have been produced on mild steel substrates using the powder injection laser cladding process. The cross-section of the clads were examined microstructurally and for defects. The hardness profile of the clad layer was measured. The wear behaviour of the clad layer was characterised using the pin on disc method against 600 grit sized SiC abrasive paper. The wear behaviour of nickel based clads was correlated with the microstructure and compared with that of stellite-6 clads produced by the same method onto the same substrate.

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