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The Application of Laser Beam Diffraction and Scattering Methods in the Measurement of Shape and Determination of Material Parameters
Sreckovic Z. Mikesa, Tomic Zaljka, Ostojic M. Stanko, Ilic T. Jelena, Bundaleski Nenad, Sekulic S. Rade and Mlinar Vlada

Lasers can be used for many applications including determination of size, in addition to the theory of diffraction and material dispersion phenomena. In this paper we calculated the corrections in angular intensity for the Gaussian and uniform particle distributions, the scattering intensity on cylindrical objects. We also evaluated the necessary mathematical summations. In addition, we analyse and simulate the special positions of detectors using laser Doppler anemometric (LDA) methods, which can be used to determine the particle diameter. The dispersion measurements for actual fibres are given at the end. The geometric and material parameters of these fibres were taken before the evaluation of the angular scattering intensity.

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