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Thermal Relaxation Times for Nanoparticles Heated by Ultra Short Laser Pulses
M. Kozlowski, J. Marciak-Kozlowska, A. Czerwinski, M. Wzorek and M. Pluska

In this paper, following the theoretical results presented in our monograph: Thermal processes using attosecond laser pulses (by M. Kozlowski and J. Marciak-Kozlowska) the theoretical model for the calculation of the relaxation time of nano-particles heated by ultra-short laser pulses is presented. It is shown that the relaxation time for nano-particles scale as tN ÆNt ,where t is the atomic relaxation time, t = h/m(a c)2, a is the fine structure constant and c is the speed of light. N is the number of the scatterers or absorption centres in the nano-particle for incoming laser light.

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