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A Fibre-Optic Method of Measuring the Laser Impulse Coupling Coefficient
Rui Zhao, Rong-Qing Xu, Zhong-Hua Shen, Jian Lu and Xiao-Wu Ni

Based on the optical beam deflection (OBD), a fibre-optic method to measure the laser impulse coupling coefficient is proposed. The He-Ne laser beam reflected by a corner cube acts as the detection beam, which intersects the oscillating target at two successive positions. The proposed method has the advantage that the speed fluctuating is not a problem. The measurement of the impulse coupling coefficient benefits from an accurate measurement of the oscillating target speed. It is shown that this method is simple, with a good precision and much easier than the conventional methods used in engineering metrology and design to calculate the impulse coupling coefficient of laser propulsion.

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