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Energy Analysis of Solar vs Laser Lightning
N. Khan, Z. Saleem, A. Wahid and N. Abas

Ultrashort pulsed lasers and triggered lightning are very often considered potential future energy sources for electricity generation. This work is focussed on the energy engineering behind this most fascinating dilemma. The available ultrashort pulsed lasers are reviewed and the prospects of Attosecond to zeptosecond pulse generation barriers are discussed to investigate the potential solutions. Natural and rocket or laser triggered lightning are reviewed regarding pulse durations, inter-pulse periods, frequency of occurrence and number of pulses per flash in the light of available data. Laser pulses and lightning flashes of energy are evaluated critically in the more familiar kWh units and the prospects of causing very high power or energy pulsed events in highly repetitive (continuous) manner is analysed to develop sustainable ultimate energy sources. An attempt was made also to demonstrate that the available natural solar energy on one half of Earth’s surface is several billions times more than the present human survival needs. The possibilities of ultrashort pulsed lasers to record live movies of Attosecond to Zeptosecond short lived events and trigger Exa to Zettawatt threshold chemical, natural nuclear or artificial processes are discussed.

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