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Laser Based Optical Sensor to Observe Metal Surfaces Subjected to Early Microbic Corrosion
G. Gobi, A. Balaji Ganesh, T.K. Radhakrishnan and D. Sastikumar

This paper presents an optical sensor system to observe early changes in the surface properties due to the microbic corrosion of metals. The experiment uses natural lake water at pH 8.3, and bulk water at pH 4.0 and pH 9.2 as test solutions and mild steel as test coupon. The optical micrographs as well as optical scattered light intensities have been taken simultaneously within 15 minutes at regular intervals. Both experimental observation systems provide the real time adherence information about the corrosion products on metal surfaces. The optical results and micrographs found to be dissimilar on different test solution. Microbial corrosion is well established fact but it is solely experimentally illustrated in this study.

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