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Endorsement of New SI Unit Prefixes for Space, Time, Energy and Matter
N. Khan, Z. Saleem and N. Abas

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, H-8/1 Islamabad, Pakistan. Space and time control the energy density associated with matter. The small to big studies of entities indicate the existence of a vital driving force behind the evolution of a self organising universe. Matter compressed to a critical mass has infinite potential energy for which even we do not have well defined units in the SI system. This work endorses the proposal of Lunto (10-63) to Luma (10+63) level unit prefixes for space, time, energy and matter and intends to further extend it. It will be illustrated with examples that the existing SI prefixes from Yocto (10-24) to Yotta (10+24) are unable to describe the perceived quantities in physics, astronomy and engineering. We support Jim Blowers unit prefix range and stress the need to extend it further to 10-99 to 10+99 as part of SI standard unit prefixes for all units including space, time, energy and matter. Applications of lasers in fusion ignition, space ranging and energy conversion of matter and inter galactic calculations require Googole level SI units prefixes.

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