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Optimization of Laser Cladding by Using a High Speed Process
Frank Vollertsen and Knut Partes

Laser cladding is often used as a repair process for tools and workpieces. The disadvantages of the state of the art are the low speed (typically 1 m/min) and the high powder consumption. In this study a strategy will be given how to optimize the process with respect to time, cost and quality simultaneously. Benchmark numbers for the effective processing speed, taking the necessity of a post treatment by grinding into account, were developed. The basic idea was the reduction of heat conduction losses by an increase in the processing speed by a factor of 10 or more. The results show that the quality can be enhanced by reduction of the waviness of the clad surface, whereas the powder losses and processing time are reduced also. The quantitative description of the enhancement is achieved by using benchmark numbers.

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