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Laser Cladding of ZM5 Magnesium Base Alloy with Al+Nano-SiC Powder
Chen Changjun, Zhang Min, Chang Qing-ming, Zhang Shichang,Ma Hong-yan, Yan Wen-qing and Wang Maocai

An attempt was made to enhance wear and corrosion resistance of the ZM5 magnesium alloy by laser surface cladding by Al+nano-SiC particles. Laser cladding was carried out using a Nd:YAG laser by melting the preplaced mixed Al+nano-SiC powder. The microhardness of the laser surface cladding layer was improved by as much as 140–160 Hv compared to 50–60 Hv of the untreated ZM5 substrate. The wear resistance of the laser clad specimens was improved considerably compared to the untreated ZM5 substrate. The corrosion rate in a 3.5 wt% NaCl solution has also been improved by laser cladding layer as compared to the untreated ZM5 substrate.

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