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Effect of Compact Density on the Laser Ignited Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis Reaction of Al–Ti–C System for Fabricating TiC/Al Composites
Yuxin Li, Jiandong Hu, Hongying Wang and Zuoxing Guo

Al/TiC composites were synthesised by laser induced self-propagating high-temperatures (LISHS). The ignition phenomenon was studied. The results showed that the combustion process can be divided into four regions. The effects of the green density on the combustion temperature, porosity and microstructure of products were studied in parallel. The results showed that the specimen with a low density could be used to reduce the heat loss, thus producing a synthesis reaction with a high combustion temperature and stable combustion wave. Moreover, because the combustion synthesis reaction was highly exothermic it generated significant much vapour at the combustion front leading to the formation of porous Al/TiC composites.

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