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Flexural Characteristics of a Laser Welded Cantilever Plate: Influence of Speed of the Heating Source
I. T. Alzaharnah, B. S.Yilbas and S. A. Al-Kaabi

The flexural characteristics of a cantilever plate welded at the fixed end with a laser moving heating source are examined. The difference of the maximum amplitude and the time shift between the peak amplitudes due to heating and no heating are computed for three speeds of the moving laser heat source. The finite element method is used to compute the flexural characteristics while the temperature dependent Young’s modulus is accommodated to examine the nonlinear effect of Young’s modulus on the flexural characteristics. It is found that the difference in amplitude and the time shift of the flexural motion attain high values for the low speed (1 cm/sec) of the laser moving source. However, as the heat source speed increases to 3 cm/sec, the difference in amplitude and the time shift reduce significantly.

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