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Improved Near-field-intensity Uniformity Using the Spectral Dispersion of Periodic Chirped Pulse
Wenyong Cheng, Xiaomin Zhang, Jingqin Su, Shengzhi Zhao, Ping Li and Jun Dong

The improvement of the uniformity of the near-field-intensity for periodic chirped pulses, which can be applied in high power laser drivers is investigated. The near-field diffraction of dispersed periodic chirped pulse sw, sinusoidal phase modulated pulses and monochromatic waves are simulated and compared. The results show that periodic chirped pulses suppress the near-field-intensity modulation and the peak obviously. A propagation distance is given that the peak intensity decreases with the increase in the colour cycle number and bandwidth of the periodic chirped pulse within it and this distance is shortened with the increase in the colour cycle number and bandwidth.

Keywords: Periodic chirped pulse, spectral dispersion, near-field-intensity smoothing, diffraction, inertial confinement fusion, broadband laser.

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