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Development of an Information and Management System for Recording, Analysis, Protection and Revitalization of Cultural Heritage Application Case Study of Istanbul
Abdurrahman Geymen

Historic heritage sites of countries emphasise very much in for various ways e.g., tourism, publicity of the country and economical gains. With a historical heritage, Turkey can participate in those lucky countries. Not only having a historical heritage is important, but also it is very important to protect and revitalise these sites. UNESCO takes important historical areas in the world historical heritage list as a means of helping world countries. Here, the aim is to support and to protect historical constructions of these countries and thus, to help protecting the historical heritage. Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLS) are used more and more as instruments for various tasks in cultural heritage conservation. Particularly, old buildings and archaeological sites are means to offer a variety of applications e.g. the surveying of static or simply the visualization and precise modelling for data archiving purposes. In Turkey, nine historical areas are under protection of the UNESCO and one of these is the Tekfur Palace in the Istanbul Metropolitan Area historical city.

This study aims at development of a knowledge and management system for completing and perpetuating surveying, restoration and restitution projects of Tekfur Palace, which is the only palace from Byzantine times until today. The preparation of surveys in studies of restoration and restitution of historical and cultural buildings is one of the most important phases. Making surveys of historical and cultural surveying by terrestrial photogrammetry have been implemented successfully for a long time. By using quick and highly accurate terrestrial laser scanners, Positional System (GPS)/Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) in survey studies of the Tekfur Palace, it is intended to construct a three-dimensional model of the Tekfur Palace by terrestrial laser scanners.

Keywords: Terrestrial laser scanning, 3D, Close range photogrammetry, cultural heritage, CAD, reconstructions.

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