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On the Potential of Combined Fiber Lasers to Laser Jam and Damage a Satellite-Borne Photoelectric Detector
J. Xu, Y. M. Liu, S-H. Zhao, R. Hou, J-L. Wu, X-P. Ma and L. Gao

A potential laser jamming and damage to satellite-borne photoelectric detector by means of combined fiber lasers is proposed. Through the analysis of the photo-electromotive force of a HgCdTe photovoltaic detector it was shown that the combining of fiber lasers with an output power of 100W was sufficiently powerful to completely laser jam a HgCdTe photoelectric detector through optical saturation. The laser-induced temperature rises under single-pulse-irradiation and continuous wave (CW) irradiation were developed. A temperature rise of 1000K was achieved after 5ms with CW laser irradiation. The damage thresholds under single-pulse-irradiation and continuous irradiation were calculated and showed that the combined fiber lasers produced enough power to completely laser jam a satellite borne photoelectric detector by inflicting both “soft damage” and “hard damage”.

Keywords: laser jamming, fiber laser, satellite, photoelectric detector, optical saturation, laser-induced temperature rise, damage threshold

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