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Laser Cladding of a Ni-Cr Alloy onto a Spray Forming Al-Si Alloy with a High Power Diode Laser
M. Gurutze Pérez Artieda, A. Cortiella, N. R. Harlan, F. Zapirain and F. Zubiri

The aim of the present work is to combine the excellent mechanical properties of spray formed aluminium alloys with a surface coating designed to withstand wear at elevated temperatures. The use of lightweight metals, such as aluminium, in engine components results in substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. A high power diode laser (HPDL) was used to create a wear resistant Ni-Cr surface coating on a hypereutectic Al-Si alloy, produced via spray forming. The microstructure was characterized by optical and scanning electron microscopy. The test results showed that the allowed layers had high Vickers micro hardness (700 HV) and a low friction coefficient (0.16).

Keywords: High power diode laser (HPDL), laser coating, laser cladding, aluminium-silicon alloys, tribological properties, microstructure.

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