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Propagation Performance of an Ultraslow Pulse of Laser Light in a Solid Medium
W. Qiu, C-H. Zhang, D. Liu and X-J. Xu

We have rigorously investigated the propagation performance of an intensity modulated laser pulse in a solid medium (an Er-doped optical fibre) at room temperature. According to the propagation equation and transition rates equation, the expression of output intensity modulated pulse was obtained theoretically. We then used this model to simulate the propagation process of the intensity-modulated field in the Er-doped fibre. The simulation results were found to be coincident with experimentally obtained data. We are able to explain the slowdown of light propagation in a different angle, which is the delay effect of the pulse propagation due to the propagation performance of the intensity modulated laser pulse in the solid medium.

Keywords: Ultraslow laser pulse, optical fibre, tunable diode laser, light propagations

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